Associated supply bases

With strategically located supply bases across Europe, NorSea Group together with associated companies, can offer efficient logistic support to your offshore activities anywhere in The North Sea basin and beyond.

Our supply and support bases form the backbone of our business infrastructure solution in Norway. Each facility is a separate business unit supplying services to tenants and accommodating requirements from companies operating in that area.

The supply base concept

On and around our bases, a multitude of service companies are established, making the bases into industrial clusters. They all enjoy the benefit of close proximity to a logistic centre and a multitude of shore base and logistic services.

Geographic, cultural, and institutional proximity provides companies with special access, closer relationships, better information, powerful incentives, and other advantages that are difficult to tap from a distance.

Such business clusters are defined as a concentration of interconnected producers, suppliers and associated institutions and are known to foster high levels of productivity and innovation.

Supply base operations

The NorSea Group concept is based on multiuse of assets and facilities, personnel and equipment. Our facilities, quays and operating equipment are continuously upgraded to prepare for additional growth.

The multiuse of these elements results in a good utilization factor and by that lower cost for our customers.

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