Helgelandsbase is situated at Holmen and at Horvnes in Sandnessjøen and is the supply base for oilfield development outside Nordland.

Helgelandsbase has served as a supply base for operators engaged in exploration drilling since 1983. Today it is the supply base for the Norne, URD and Alve fields. Sailing time from Helgelandsbase to the Norne field is 10 hours.

Helgelandsbase is 51 % owned by the NorSea Group's associated company, Coast Center Base.



  • 33.000 m2 base area
  • 30.000 m2 outdoor storage area
  • 6400 m2 indoor storage area
  • 380m2 office facilities
  • 110m in total quay lengths

To meet increased demand and customer requirements, Helgelandsbase is on the move to the newly developed industrial area at Horvnes.


  • 140.000 m2 of new base area
  • 18.200 m2 buildings
  • 160m of new quay structure


Helgelandsbase is ISPS approved.

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