HSSEQ Policy

Our HSSEQ-work shall contribute to a safe and healthy business that we can be proud of and that will benefit our customers, owners and the society in general.



Preventative and systematic HSSEQ-work shall be an integral part of our everyday business. Our objective is to work according to a zero philosophy, which comprises: no damages or injuries, no environmental damages, no occupational illness and no quality defects.

NorSea Group consists of leading suppliers of shore base-, logistic- , infrastructure- and maritime services to offshore and onshore industry.

We shall:

  • Ensure that our priorities, behaviour and actions are governed by our zero-damages philosophy
  • Motivate and arrange for all our employees to take active part in improving HSSEQ, and ensure a good working environment for all employees
  • Ensure that all leaders take responsibility for HSSEQ-results in their respective areas of responsibility
  • Establish objectives for improvement and for taking action, as well as establishing routines for measurement, reporting and evaluation of results
  • Always be in compliance with our legal obligations and customers’ HSSEQ-requirements
  • Always be in compliance with our ethical policy
  • Continuously develop and improve our work processes and the quality of our products and services, thereby ensuring our competitiveness and compliance with customers and authorities’ requirements and expectations, including ISPS and Industry security standards.
  • Ensure that we prevent pollution and protect the environment in which we operate.
  • Always deliver cost effective solutions of correct quality, to ensure a long-term and robust customer relationship, and protection of the environment
  • Ensure that our suppliers and collaboration partners’ HSSEQ-policy is in accordance with our own policy and our work

We shall achieve these aims by working in accordance with both our management system and the ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards. Our HSSEQ-work shall contribute to a safe and healthy business that we can be proud of and thereby also contribute to increased trust with our customers, owners and the society at general.

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