CCB lands big rig contract

In strong competition with shipyards abroad, NorSea Group's subsidiary, Coast Center Base (CCB), has landed the contract for a five-year class renewal survey on the rig Bideford Dolphin.

CCB has over the years acquired great expertise and a wide range of services related to the classification of ships and rigs.

“For CCB and our partners, this is important. We have made investments to come out as best equipped and then it's obviously nice to get assignments like this”, says Project Director Ronny Haufe.

Involving local suppliers
Bideford Dolphin is currently under contract with Statoil, and is coming to CCB in the second quarter of 2014 to be approved for further operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. According to rig owner Dolphin Drilling, the classification job will take 65 days, including mobilization, and have a price tag of around 100 million NOK. According to Haufe, CCB will have upwards of 400 people working daily during the project. Much of the work on the rig will be done by subcontractors and the Project Director stresses that they will mainly use local and regional suppliers for this project.

Strong competition from abroad
There has been a growing competition for classification jobs in recent years, especially from foreign bases and shipyards. In order to compete with lower prices abroad, CCB focuses heavily on health, safety, environment and quality. Despite the increase in competition, CCB has managed to land seven rig jobs so far this year.

“It is important to provide good quality and service, deliver on time and be flexible. We can offer a good total package, and I think that's why we've had solid activity levels here for many years”, Haufe explains.

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