Danbor takes the NorSea Group name.

Danbor was acquired by NorSea Group just over three years ago, and have since then developed as part of the group in setting the standard as a supplier to the offshore oil & gas industry, and the offshore wind market.  From today, Danbor takes the name NorSea Denmark, strengthening their integration with the NorSea Group.

“Danbor has undergone radical transformation since NorSea Group acquired it just over two years ago. We have upgraded the organisation, implemented LEAN and invested in digitisation and automation. All of these initiatives ensure that we can offer our customers and business partners even better, more cost-effective services. We have also streamlined our operations and processes with a view to making them even safer," CEO Jørn Bue Madsen explains.

These developments are unfolding in close cooperation with NorSea Group. "We are now an integral part of the NorSea Group family and taking the group name completes the picture. It is simply a matter of course. Our new identity sends a strong signal to current and potential customers that we are one of Europe's strongest multi-service suppliers to the offshore industry and an integral part of a leading global industrial group. The name NorSea Group Denmark boosts our message to the market that, when working with us, customers have access to a wealth of expertise, appreciable resources and a global network," says Jørn Bue Madsen.

To underline his point, Jørn Bue Madsen emphasises that, as part of the transition process, NorSea Group Denmark has begun comprehensive refurbishment of its headquarters at Kanalen 1 in Esbjerg. "We seek to create an innovative working environment at our modernised headquarters. Offshore oil & gas companies and offshore wind companies will be able to rent office space and work together to develop products and services for tomorrow's supply chain," he explains. Cementing the company's transformation, the new headquarters will be completed early in 2018.

CEO of NorSea Group, John Stangeland with NorSea Group Denmark's executive management team this morning before introducing Danbor's new name at the breakfast meeting for NorSea Group Denmark employees. From left: COO Jesper Høj-Hansen, CHRO Lena Broholm Hansen, CEO Jonn Stangeland of NorSea Group, CFO Jan Thim and CEO Jørn Bue Madsen.

CEO of NorSea Group, Jørn Bue Madsen and CEO of NorSea Group, John Stangeland on their way to breakfast with NorSea Group Denmark's employees Monday morning.

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