Grand opening of new building at NorSea's Tananger base

NorSea has built a new building on special request from Swire Oilfield Services (Swire). Today is the grand opening. Altogether NorSea has invested nearly 65 million kroner in this new real estate project.

According to the Property Manager for NorSea, Geir Øvrebø, this is well invested money. "Swire is one of our largest customers. With the new building the company utilises closer to 37.000 square meters at our base in Tananger, including all buildings and outdoor areas," says Øvrebø. He stresses that it is important for the company to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers and is pleased that NorSea have managed to meet Swire’s need for new facilities and more space.

Area efficient building
The new building is area efficient. It contains offices and a cantina, workshops, technical rooms, warehouse and facilities for sandblasting and painting. In addition, there has been room to fit a 40 square meters indoor bicycle garage and 60 parking spaces on the roof. "All of our recent buildings have parking on the roof," says Øvrebø. This provides good space utilization according to the Property Manager.

Need for more space and purpose built facilities
John Olaf Næsheim, Managing Director of Swire, explains that the need for a purpose built building is due to Swire’s considerable growth over the recent years, especially in the area of Swire Modular Systems (SMS). This business area produces specially made containers, equipped to function as workplaces, typically a control room, warehouse, office or laboratory. "Swire has outgrown its premises in building 40.The old building was not particularly suited to this type of business in the first place," says Næsheim. The new building is built to specification from Swire and is therefore particularly suitable for their business. In addition to Swire’s SMS- activities, the new building also contains new sandblasting- and painting facilities, for maintenance of their own and others' equipment.

Næsheim says that they are an active group of cyclists at Swire, thus it was important to facilitate this activity. The new building has therefore been equipped with a fitness room, a heated indoor bicycle garage and great wardrobe facilities. The new building also meets Swire’s need for new office space and better canteen and common areas. "We have waited a long time, but are very satisfied with the end result," ends Næsheim.

Flyfoto, NorSea AS, Tananger base, 5 november, 2012. Leverandør: Aerophoto Norge AS.
Swire's new building at NorSea's Tananger base
Photo: Jostein Viestad

Building facts:

Offices including cantina: 850m²

Wardrobes and fitness room: 320m²

Workshop: 1880m²

Painting and sandblowing: 710m²

Warehouse: 525m²

Technical rooms: 220m²

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