Moving 25,000 tonnes of tubulars to new OCTG yard in Risavika

NorSea is now gathering all tubulars they store for customers, at a new OCTG yard (Oil Country Tubular Goods) in Risavika. Moving the OCTG business will benefit both NorSea and their customers by increasing and improving the capacity, efficiency, and the quality and safety of services provided.

The move will also free up space in the ”tenderloin” of the base in favor of more operational activities, such as drilling operations for the oil and gas industry.

The new yard is 40.000 square meters and is situated next to the container port of Risavika, stretching down to the sea. The area will primarily be used for OCTG business. During the planning and development of the new yard, there has been a strong focus on health, safety, environment and quality. The new yard is paved and has got new storing racks for tubulars made of concrete. Rubber and neoprene will replace wood as the intermediate layer between the tubes. All this is done to improve the quality and safety of the storage and handling of OCTG. The new pipe racks are built according to a defined standard with regard to the height and width of the racks and the distance between the tubes. With storing racks made of concrete, it is now possible to calculate and document what load the racks can withstand.

By collecting all tubulars in one area, NorSea will now get a better overview of the accumulated tubular stock they keep for customers, and a more efficient operation. In cooperation with the company Peanuts, NorSea has also developed a new, simple inventory system. The inventory system is based on an overview map that shows the location of each rack at the yard. Every customer has got a dedicated area at the new yard. Among other things, the inventory system gives information about the latest movements of the tubulars, ownership and inventory levels for all customers. Eventually, the plan is to provide a dedicated customer login so that customers can check their own inventory status and history.

Throughout the moving process, there has been a strong focus on health, safety, environment and quality, both in the planning and execution part of the project.The result has been a relocation project that has gone smoothly and that has created a positive attitude within the department with regard to safety and quality.

The relocation project is scheduled to close by the end of the month.

Ny OCTG yard i Risavika- Lagring av rør

NorSea's new OCTG yard is situated next to the container port of Risavika.

Photo: Kevin Lied

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