NorSea Group and Scotoil combine as NSDecom

(Aberdeen, 8 November 2016) NorSea Group (UK) Ltd and Scotoil Services Ltd, two of the leading service companies in the onshore decommissioning sector, have joined forces as NSDecom. The new collaborative venture will bring more efficient and cost effective benefits to the sector by providing a single project focal point for all services related to quayside and onshore decommisioning activity.

Targeted at operators, project managers and lead contractors the new partnership combines the logistics expertise of NorSea Group with Scotoil’s track record of experience in waste management and NORM decontamination. NSDecom will deliver a complete onshore service from receipt of waste and equipment at the quayside through the cleaning and cutting process to the final reuse/recycle/disposal option.

The main centre of operations will be at NorSea Group’s purpose-built, deep-water decommissioning facility at Smith Quay in Peterhead. Relevant licences are also in place at Aberdeen Harbour and NorSea’s supply base in Montrose.

“With the decommissioning sector being guided by SEPA, we recognised the importance of working alongside an experienced and well-established specialist waste contractor,” said Walter Robertson, MD of NorSea Group (UK). “Scotoil Services has more than 30 years of experience and both parties saw the benefits to the sector of combing NorSea Group’s quayside assets and logistics experience with Scotoil’s market-leading NORM decontamination service and special waste management capabilities.”

Craig Smith, MD of Scotoil Services, said: “The collaborative alliance was developed in response to industry calls for more efficient and effective ways of working which would bring about lower costs and robust operational improvements. Together we have the key components to offer a complete and seamless onshore service which will benefit both operators and lead decommissioning contractors.”

NSDecom will be at Stand 26 at the Offshore Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews on November 15 and 16.

Walter Robertson, left, and Craig Smith. Photo: NSDecom.

Walter Smith and Mike Munro, Operations Director, NorSea Group (UK) and Craig Smith and Henry Lints, Financial Director of Scotoil Services will be available for interview at the conference.

For further information, contact:
Walter Robertson, MD of NorSea Group (UK) Ltd: T: 44 (0)1224 451001;

Craig Smith, MD of Scotoil Services Ltd: T: + 44 (0) 1224 571491;

NorSea Group AS is a privately owned company founded in 1965. The company is a leading supplier of base services and integrated logistics solutions to the oil and gas industry in Norway. NorSea Group (UK) Ltd was established as the UK subsidiary of NorSea Group AS in 2013. In 2014, NorSea Group acquired Danbor Ltd and its UK assets are now incorporated into NorSea Group (UK). NorSea Group (UK) has a 10-year operatorship agreement at Smith Quay, Peterhead, and a base in Montrose. The company HQ is at NorSea Group House, Aberdeen.

Scotoil Services Ltd is part of the Tradebe Group, the UK’S largest hazardous waste disposal service.  Based at Aberdeen, Scotoil has for more than 30 years provided an efficient service for operators, drilling, and service contractors covering equipment decontamination of NORM, on and offshore RPS (Radiological Protection Supervision) services and radiological instrumentation

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