NorSea Group AS awarded Hywind contract by Statoil

(Stavanger, 18 February 2016) The NorSea Group AS (NSG) has signed a contract with Statoil concerning utilisation of Stordbase AS in Norway to assemble the world's first floating wind farm, the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park. The contract is valued at approximately NOK 50-70 million.

The contract, which enters into force as soon as 1 March 2016, comprises the preparation and adaptation of the Stord base as the assembly base for five full-scale sea wind turbines. It also includes the construction of foundations, unloading of 20 wind turbine sections and all associated components, establishment of a mooring area for substructures, indoor storage facilities and inspection of the fully installed wind turbines. NSG will also be responsible for board for 80 people during the main phase of the project, from 1 January – 30 June 2017.

The wind farm will have a capacity totalling 30 MW when fully established off the eastern coast of Scotland. Each wind turbine will have a total height of approximately 170 metres, with turbine blades of 77 metres. Due to the scale of the project, Hywind Scotland Pilot Park is unique from a global perspective and an excellent fit for NSG's stated investment in the offshore wind market.

"NSG is very grateful and proud to have been awarded this crucial contract from Statoil. We want to be a preferred supplier of integrated services to the supplier industry and wind farm owners in the offshore wind market. This contract will therefore be a key step in our strategy of offering cost-effective solutions to the renewable energy market," says John E. Stangeland, Group CEO of NSG.

The Stord base - perfect for the wind turbine markets in Norway and Europe
For a number of years, NSG has been working on developing the Stord base into an efficient location for the installation of sea wind turbines. Completed studies show that the Stord base has massive potential as a future national facility for floating offshore wind. This is mainly due to the unique combination of deep water harbors with proximity to offshore competence and existing infrastructure.

"Being awarded this contract in the face of strong competition from other installation base alternatives reaffirms that our long-term work on identifying optimal solutions for the utilisation of the Stord base for floating offshore wind has been correct," says Director of Market and Business Development, Kenneth Bjørholm, who is responsible for the wind turbine investments on the Stord base. "We are incredibly proud to partake in this journey together with the Statoil Hywind organisation."

Stordbase AS 2014, NorSea Group AS

Stord base 2014. Photo: Stord flyfoto/NorSea Group AS

Hywind Demo – a reference project
NSG is already familiar with Statoil's Hywind concept and the group was already a key partner in 2009 when Hywind Demo was put together at the Dusavik base in Stavanger. Prior to the contract award for Hywind Scotland Pilot Park, NSG has carried out several pilot studies on behalf of Statoil, in 2014 and 2015.

Hywind Demo 2009 Dusavik-basen, NorSea Group AS

Hywind Demo 2009, Dusavik base. Photo: Technip Norge AS/NorSea Group AS

The Hywind Scotland Pilot Park contract will involve more than 40 NSG employees.

For further information, please contact:

Kenneth Bjørholm, Director of Market and Business Development, NorSea Group AS          tel.: +47 909 98 667 (mobile)

Rune Almås, CEO, Stordbase AS                                                                                    tel.: +47 915 52 648 (mobile)

John E. Stangeland, Group CEO, NorSea Group AS                                                           tel.: +47 915 59 446 (mobile)

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