NorSea Group to become a vital part of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ logistical contingency apparatus

(20 March 2015) NorSea Group and the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group have entered into a historic military respons contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces. Among other things, the contract opens for the Armed Forces’ use of base infrastructure owned by NorSea Group along the entire Norwegian coast.

“This is the first time the Norwegian Armed Forces have entered into such an important and wide-reaching contingency contract with a civilian industrial concern. The contingency contract will reinforce the Armed Forces’ response capability, and logistics deliveries from Wilhelmsen and NorSea Group will be of significant importance with regard to our preparedness, in addition to enhancing our endurance capability,” states Haakon Brun-Hansen, the Norwegian Chief of Defence.

With nine strategically located supply bases all along the Norwegian coast, NorSea Group is the largest owner of base infrastructure in Norway. The company, which is owned by the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group (40%), the Eidesvik Group (28%) and the Møkster Group (28%), has supplied base and logistics services to the oil and gas industry since 1965.

“To begin with, NorSea Group will supply logistics services to the Norwegian Home Guard and logistical support to allied reinforcement units. After 50 years in the industry, we have considerable experience of large, complex logistical operations,” John Stangeland, CEO of the NorSea Group emphasises.

Co-operation in the past

Wilhelmsen has co-operated with the Armed Forces for many decades, a tradition which stretches back to the Second World War. NorSea Group also has experience of civil-military co-operation, having among other things been responsible for setting up and operating several temporary military camps in connection with the “Cold Response” winter exercise in 2014.

“We look forward to closer co-operation in years to come in support of the Armed Forces in their preparations and in the defence of Norway,” says Stangeland.

“We are pleased to be able to make use of the expertise we have amassed to support the Norwegian Armed Forces and meet the strict national demands they place on preparedness and security,” states Thomas Wilhelmsen, Chief Executive Officer of the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group.

Enhancing the ability of the Home Guard and regular Armed Forces to receive allied reinforcement units

The military respons agreement entails that NorSea Group takes responsibility for outfitting and supplying the Home Guard during national crises, as well as for assisting allied forces visiting Norway in peacetime, in times of crisis and in the event of war.

“The military respons contract will enable the Home Guard to handle assignments far more rapidly than in the past, making the unit more relevant than it has been for some considerable time,” says the Chief of Defence.

The duration of the contract is 7 years, plus 2 optional years.


From the contract signing ceremony at Akershus Festning. From left: Vidar Hole, Project Leader at WW, Lars Haug COO at NorSea Group, Nils Petter Dyvik, CFO at WW and Board Chairman at NorSea Group, CEO Thomas Wilhelmsen at WW (also board member), John Stangeland, CEO at NorSea Group and Morten Aaserud, Head of legal at WW.

Vestbase fra øst juni 2013 Fotograf Valderhaug (Custom)
Photo: Valderhaug Photography

Vestbase - one of NorSea Groups supply bases which the Norwegian Armed Forces is able to use for contingency storage of material, ready for rapid supply to the Norwegian Home Guard.

Militærleiren ved Giske_cold respons

From the military camp at Giske which NorSea Group set up for The Norwegian Armed Forces in Connection with last year's military exercise, Cold respons.

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