Polarbase builds subsea workshop for Aker Solutions

(Hammerfest March 2, 2015) Aker Solutions has signed a contract with Polarbase for the construction of a new subsea workshop on Polarbase.

Polarbase is very excited that Aker Solutions has chosen to establish themselves at the base and pleased to see that the subsea activities are moving north.

The establishment of the oil service company at the base will provide positive spin-offs for local and regional businesses in both construction and operational phase. “Construction of the subsea building will be carried out by local contractors, indicating that local businesses are competitive”, says Managing Director of Polar Base, Ketil Holmgren.

The contract involves investment in a new subsea building of 1600 square meters, which is scheduled for completion in early 2016.

The new workshop will eventually provide work for between 10-20 people in Hammerfest. Aker Solutions' existing offices on site currently employ five people. From the workshop, Aker Solutions will provide services such as maintenance, installation and storage maintenance of subsea equipment for deliveries in Northern Norway.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director at Polarbase, Ketil Holmgren, tel:+47 480 29 833

Illustrasjon av nytt subsea bygg på Polarbase

Aker Solution's new Subsea building at Polarbase is scheduled for completion in early 2016.

Visiting address: Risavika Havnering 14, 4056 Tananger Phone: +47 40 00 43 21

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