Polarbase ready to supply the Norwegian Armed Forces

Thursday June 23 was the opening of Polarbase to mark the start of a new logistics concept where NorSea Group now becomes responsible for containerized logistics support of the Norwegian Home Guard HV) in peace, crisis and war.

Polarbase is the first civilian base where emergency preparedness contract between the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (FLO) and Wilnor Governmental Services (WGS) is rolled out. NorSea Group, which is part-owner and subcontractor to WGS, will now be responsible for storage of finished scheduled supply containers to HV on our bases across the country. From here we are also responsible for carrying containers directly to the agreed staging point, and stand for reconditioning after use.

Faster responsiveness, higher readiness and greater endurance

The new logistics solution means that the HV soldiers no longer need to go to a warehouse for distribution of equipment before they can provide assistance in a national crisis management. This provides a Norwegian Home Guard which can provide much faster efforts, have a higher readiness and greater endurance than before. The agreement between the Norwegian Armed Forces and WGS contains a greater civilian-military cooperation which will give defense the Norwegian Armed Forces a substantial cost reduction

"This is the future. Partly because today's defense does not include transport regiments, supply regiments and other types of transport and logistics structures that we had previously. Therefore we, in cooperation with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation, just have to make this happen. The options are non-existent", says the Inspector General of the National Guard, Major General Tor Rune Raaby

"The industry and civil sector is training day and night throughout the year, and has an infrastructure that far surpasses the Norwegian Armed Forces. By taking advantage of this, we get a faster responsiveness, higher readiness and greater endurance at a far lower price than if the defense should have established this on our own", emphasizes Chief FLO, CEO Petter Jansen.

"For Polarbase this is an important contract that gives us new and predictable activity going forward. We can utilize our infrastructure and expertise in new areas. The potential for growth in this area is huge", says CEO at Polarbase Ketil Holmgren.

"Todays opening of  Polarbase's delivery to FLO / National Guard represents an important milestone for us and Norwegian Armed Forces. It marks the beginning of an important implementation of the HV concept on our bases that will continue throughout the year and into 2017. Today also confirms the confidence the Norwegian Armed Forces shows us created through professional delivery of exceptionally skilled employees at our bases. A proud day at work - thanks to all involved!" summarizes NorSea Group VP / COO Lars Haug.

From left: General Manager at Polarbase Ketil Holmgren and COO at NorSea Group Lars Haug at Polarbase. Photo: Forsvaret.

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