Technological focus will strengthen NorSea Group

At the end of March, Microsoft launched its new Enterprise Mobility Suite service. It is now clear that NorSea Group will be the first Norwegian customer to use the new service. EMS is part of an extensive agreement NorSea Group has entered into with Microsoft which will provide every employee in the group with a digital identity.

Focusing on employees

NorSea Group, the leading supplier of base services and logistics systems to the Norwegian oil and gas industry, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft regarding its new interactive platform. The new IT venture will strengthen the company’s future internal communications and provide efficient facilities to employees both in Norway and abroad.

“An element of our long-term strategy is to expand internationally, and to achieve this the group is currently implementing a forward-looking IT strategy which makes active use of cloud services and mobile devices in our platform architecture. This will simplify our employees’ lives, both at work and at home,” says Susanne Thornes, CIO of NorSea Group.

Combining Microsoft services

NorSea Group has chosen a combination of Office 365, Azure and the new Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) service. Microsoft EMS is an extensive set of cloud services which helps companies administrate and maintain with complete security the services and devices their employees use, both at work and at home. NorSea Group is the first company in Norway and one of the first in the world to make use of EMS, and the choice is based on a clear vision.

“Our solution is a powerful and innovative combination of services which ensures that we have efficient tools and functions to support our ambitions for growth, while at the same time enabling us to maintain security and control over our production facilities. The new Microsoft agreement gives us effective tools for better interaction and more efficient operations, which will make us an even better supplier to our customers,” Thornes continues.

Using the commercial social network, Yammer, all employees can take part in company-wide communications whether they are forklift drivers or are posted to assignments abroad. Yammer will be incorporated into NorSea Group’s new intranet which will be launched this autumn.

“Customers continue to use a number of devices and services, and the IT departments of companies need an integrated, economical way of co-ordinating these. This is what EMS now gives them,” says Michael Jacobs, Managing Director of Microsoft Norge. “At Microsoft Norge we are very proud that NorSea Group is among the world’s first customers to make use of EMS,” he adds. And this is not surprising; Norwegian businesses, especially in competitive fields such as the offshore industry, recognise the enormous competitive advantage of early involvement in new, secure technological systems.

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