Vestbase secures future expansion areas

Vestbase buys Averøy Eiendom AS (Hestvikholmene).

Photo: Øyvind Giske

Vestbase AS has entered into an agreement with the owners of Averøy Eiendom AS to acquire all shares in the company. Vestbase AS has been working with appropriate expansion areas since the summer of 2010, and both buyer and seller are now satisfied to have found a mutually acceptable solution.

This means that Vestbase AS is the owner of about 320.000 sqm commercial area and several buildings on Hestvikholmene in Averøy. The area will be made available over a period of 5-6 years and will mean that Vestbase AS can offer its customers suitable areas for establishment, expansion, storage and project-related activity, beyond the areas Vestbase today disposes, and is in the process of developing relating to the area of Vikan.

Kristiansund Base AS is the sole tenant on the site. KB rent an area of about 45.000 sqm, including several buildings, on a long term lease and subleases space to other businesses, including waste company SAR.
Gunnar Holth Kristiansund AS is responsible for development of new acreage in the area. Vestbase AS acquires new leveled area as this will be completed in the period 2012-2017.
"The area on Averøy will give us competitive and predictable future expansion areas and relief areas for parts of the activity carried on at Vestbase. The area of Averøy will be an important supplement to the approximately 600.000 sqm we currently disposes at Vestbase, and the new areas we are developing in relation to the current base area. " 
"This strategic investment will help to secure the necessary industrial area for the expected increase in activity that we see in the Norwegian Sea. Kristiansund and Averøy emerges as an attractive location for companies that see opportunities in an ever-growing offshore market."

Photo: Øyvind Giske

The development of new offshore fields, operation / maintenance / modification of existing platforms and infrastructure, and a subsea market in the Norwegian Sea that will grow over the next few years will require access to the new base areas, businesses and service features, more capacity and available local expertise. In addition, an expected increased drilling activity to contribute to a high level of activity in the coming years.

"Vestbase AS's role as facilitator and" partner "of a growing and demanding base of customers is significantly improved through this investment in the area of Averøy. Overall, we will dispose of about 1.000.000 sqm area when the area of Averøy and areas related to the base area in Vikan is fully developed. "
"This area of Averøy will be adapted for different types of activity, and not necessarily just offshore related activity. New infrastructure in the form of new docks and other necessary arrangement for future ventures and new activity will be done on an ongoing basis. "
Vestbase, and the Kristiansund region has thus secured the necessary expansion space for the location of new businesses and services / activities, as well as future projects, who wants to be part of the region's dynamic and competent offshore environment.


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