Infrastructure and Facilities

All our bases can offer tailor made facilities to meet each customer’s specific requirements for operational areas, warehouses and workshops, open storage areas or office space.

NorSea Group is the largest owner of supply base infrastructure in Norway. For more than 45 years NorSea Group has developed the land comprising all our bases, a total of more than 2 500 000 m2. All facilities have modern quays and bulk facilities. Additionally, these facilities comprise in excess of 550 000 m2 of office, warehouses and fabrication buildings.



None of our facilities are identical. Our clients will have special demands related to design and equipment. We have extensive experience in working integrated with our clients to develop facilities that provides the required service.

Infrastructure is established to secure the business connected to the offshore and onshore development of oil and gas industry.


An efficient supply base with good infrastructure represents an attractive location for companies in connected offshore areas.

Following a successful offshore development in the area, the base facility would also attract other industry seeking both long and short term commitment.

All NorSea Group supply bases shall always work hard to attract industry connected to off- and onshore industry.

All our bases can offer offices, warehouses and open storage for rent on short or long term leases.


The NorSea Group is a major owner of supply bases along the Norwegian coastline.

Each supply base comprises large operating areas, a substantial number of offices, large warehouses and workshops.

The NorSea Group operating company on site offers the service of facility management to tenant on site.







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