Preservation Projects

Preservation of equipment and machinery is good economy. Our Technical Departments provide the best technical and economic favourable preservation methods and techniques for your specific project.

Operational Services:
  • Assessment of preservation needs and advice to customers.
  • Physical preservation
  • Inspection, preservation maintenance and rotation of motors, pumps, etc. in accordance with the checklists and procedures
  • Cleaning and covering equipments/units
  • Packing of materials and devices where there are special transportation requirements.
  • Depreservation
  • Preparation and assistance in relation with preparedness for use
  • Preparation of preservation manuals and procedures for individual components, equipment devices, equipment groups, etc.
  • Consultation regarding choice of method and technical
  • Advising on preparation and packing of material and equipment where there are special requirements for transportation.
  • Leadership and responsibility for preservation activities

Contact information:
Section Leader Technical Services
Bjørn Magne Lien
+47 94 17 10 49

Visiting address: Risavika Havnering 14, 4056 Tananger Phone: +47 40 00 43 21

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