Equipment & handling methods

Focus on safety has resulted in a continuous focus on improving our handling methods. The Hydraulic Spreader bar is a NorSea Group innovation which has greatly improved security during dangerous operations.

Since 1965 NorSea Group has been a leading provider of supply base and logistic services to the oil and gas industry in Norway. One of the main activities from the very beginning was to receive and handling various tubular products.

Discharging, handling and stacking tubular involves many people from the hold of the vessel to the very top of the slippery pipe stacks. Focus on safety has resulted in a continuous focus on improving our handling methods.

Our experience has grown in parallel to the activity in the North Sea. The construction of the first offshore subsea pipelines became a new operational challenge at our supply bases.

Safe and cost effective handling of increasing sized coated line-pipes demanded the introduction of new equipment and an increased focus of reducing the exposure of personnel during dangerous operations.

Following the award for pipe handling for the Grane Pipe-lines summer 2002, we commenced using Reach Stackers to our transport and stacking method. This meant a huge improvement to safety and utilisation of storage area.

In 2004 for the Langeled and Snøhvit pipelines we introduced our Hydraulic Spreader Bar.

This design enabled the pipe handling vice versa ships hold and deck without exposure of personnel.

The cranes and reach stackers we select are fitted with our custom-designed hydraulic system that facilitates the handling of larger diameter pipes from the vessel’s hold to the pipe stack without the need for personnel either in the hold or on the pipe stack

Our automated and customised equipment ensures that pipe sections are handled safely and efficiently to the extent that we strictly limit the situations in which personnel are required to perform hazardous heavy lifting operations during the discharge, transport, stacking and load out of pipes.

Continuous improvement of design and equipment is of great importance to us in NorSea Group.


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