Inspection, repair and maintenance

The receipt of pipes under Free Out terms at the storage site requires inspection on loading.

If the pipes are picked up at the coating contractor on an FOB basis, inspection will also be required during loading in order to ensure that liability for any damage to pipes or coatings can be traced to the correct party.
In general, pipe repair should not be carried out by other than authorised and competent personnel. Even though pipe specifications and levels of tolerance may vary from project to project, this part of the operation will always require high levels of accuracy.
In order to optimise productivity and ensure the overall safety of the operation, it is advisable to set aside an area of the site exclusively for pipe repairs.

NorSea Group pipe repair documentation generally consists of four basic elements:

  • 1. A pipe repair sheet
  • 2. Photographs of the pipe repairs
  • 3. Daily repair status report
  • 4. Summary of pipe repairs

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