Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations are becoming increasingly important for all companies involved in oil and gas activities offshore. NorSea Group has over the past years invested a considerable amount of time and resources to be able to deliver what can be termed Integrated Operations to give our customers increased value.

Integrated Operations is for logistics and project execution about making information more transparent and available. The desired goals are:

  • Improved cooperation and control
  • Less errors and hence improved security
  • Reduced cost

For NorSea Group, Integrated Operations (IO) means the following:

  • Information about equipment and procedures can be monitored real time
  • Customers can track and trace their equipment seamlessly when it is handled by NorSea Group and partners
  • NorSea Group provides both web interfaces and data interchange with legacy systems
  • NorSea Group will do data capture and provide tools for automatic capture and sharing

NorSea Group has over the past years invested time and resources to able to deliver improved services that will support our efforts in Integrated Operations. This includes:

  • Invest in and test out the Tag-Hub system
  • Develop and deploy systems for managing most base operations
  • Train and hire resources that are skilled in Integrated Operations

Our organization is now ready for taking part in projects and deliveries where Integrated Operations principles are required.


Tag-Hub is a web-based system for managing information about tings and processes. The systems is designed and operated by Smart Management AS – based in Stavanger, Norway. NorSea Group is one of the major owners in Smart Management and such we have an influence in the continuous development of the system. Tag-Hub is supposed to augment existing systems and is hence designed to with integration in mind.

The Tag-Hub system has the following properties:

  • Provide a simple and efficient mechanism for exchanging information about things and processes
  • All items handled by Tag-Hub get a unique ID and hence a globally unique reference for collaboration and information exchange
  • Support for RFID and 2D barcodes used for tagging equipment, assets and places
  • Support for GPS and other active trackers of moveable assets, vehicles and boats
  • Easy integration with other systems for more or less real-time data exchange

Benefits for NorSea Group and our customers:

  • Customers can view the status and location of all items handled by the system
  • Customers do not need to have any present system to benefit from Tag-Hub
  • Tags can be attached to almost any equipment
  • Data capture and tag scanning can be carried out with standard mobile phones or PDA's

NorSea Group and all associated supply bases can provide Tag-Hub as a part of all future deliveries. By doing this NorSea Group have made a strong commitment to comply with Integrated Operations principles also for logistics operations.


For more information about the Tag-Hub system, visit the Specifically we recommend reading our Whitepaper.

Smart Management – Bernt Wold +47 917 51 579

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