Waste Management

Through our subsidiary Maritime Waste Management, NorSea Group can offer complete Waste Management Services in compliance with the strictest national and international requirements and standards.

Maritime Waste Management (MWM) controls and co-ordinates waste flows generated by oil & gas companies and other maritime industrial customers, both on and offshore. MWM can provide an overall management for waste, including waste and logistics management, cost optimisation, environmental and non-conformance reporting, training of personnel, tank cleaning, waste handling and final recycling or treatment of all types of waste and materials.
Your waste is always disposed of safely and in compliance with the strictest local, state, federal and international standards.

The MWM concept
MWM as an independent waste contractor secure the customer screening of BAT and break even point (BEP) on the customers waste stream. MWM holds no assets within the waste treatment industries and is thus independent versus technology. This enures that the customer always is offered the BAT in the market at a competitive price.

Every company has a responsibility to see that its waste are handled in a safe and environmentally prudent manner. Working with Maritime Waste Management, industrial and hazardous waste generators can be certain that their waste will be handled in a way that meets or exceeds all local, state and federal regulations. MWM is a coast effective alternative based on competence and flexibility.

Tank and industrial cleaning
MWM performs onshore tank cleaning for the offshore industry on supply vessels or platforms in for service. In addition to tank cleaning onshore, MWM can carry out offshore cleaning and pumping. We provide general equipment for cleaning and tailor made suction equipment for draining slops/mud tanks etc.

Environmental Consulting
We can support industrial customers with industrial, and hazardous waste services requirements. Services can include assistance with identifying cost-efficient and environmentally sound disposal or recycling options, completing required special paperwork, assurance that waste is disposed of in a safe and secure manner, laws and regulations and recommending cost-savings process improvements to current waste and recycling programs.

MWM certificates:
NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007

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